Inspiration starts in the home

Inspiration starts in the home.
–Alpha English

What does being inspired really mean? Alpha would say it means having the faith to tackle difficult tasks. She surely had it. In a time when few women went to college, she did and with honors. Then after a lifetime of teaching in a small Arkansas town, she began writing plays and a history of African Americans for the benefit of young and old alike. She was inspired. Her example inspired others, too.

But what if we didn’t grow up in a home where inspiration was nurtured? Did that mean we couldn’t develop it? Taking notice of how we have solved problems and approached the unknown in our lives indicates the level of inspiration we acquired from somewhere. What’s obvious is that we did create it somehow. Any accomplishment we can point to is evidence. Nobody tackles anything without some inner drive that says they can. That’s inspiration.

Some of us did have more than others. Some of us still do. The good news is that we can “trade” inspiration with each other. We can give it away when a friend is in need, and we can borrow it back when we’re feeling uncertain about a direction or a task. It matters not where we get it. It never did. It was simply easier for us if it was one of the gifts passed on in our homes.

My inspiration can come from anywhere today. Those who are closest are the obvious “carriers.”

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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