Confidentiality: The Coach and Client recognize that the nature of the coaching relationship involves the exchange of personal and business information that may be highly confidential. As such, the Coach agree that, unless express permission is granted, all coaching calls, conversation and written communication remain completely confidential between the Coach and Client, except where prohibited by law.

Coach Disclaimer of Liability: Client hereby employs as Coach for the purpose of supporting the Client with respect to Clientís self awareness, vision and goals, and strategic plans. Coach has experience in such matters and has been certified as a Professional Life Coach. Client understands and agrees that she/he is not an employment agent, financial analyst, psychotherapist or business manager. I have not promised, shall not be obligated to, and will not, procure or attempt to procure employment, business or sales for the client, act as a therapist, providing psychological counseling, psychoanalysis or behavior therapy.

By ordering any services from this website or the website owners and/or coaches you are agreeing that you have read and agree to the Policies and Disclaimer of Liability.


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