One-to-one Coaching Services

One-to-one coaching services are offered in the greater Los Angeles area in person and via the telephone.

Complimentary Coaching Session

This is the first step in helping you determine if coaching is the next step in creating a rewarding life style. We will spend 35 minutes together so you can understand my coaching process and I can understand your areas of focus – personally and professionally.

Intake Session

You are facing an obstacle – personally or professionally:

Recently left rehabilitation or sober and transitional living
Getting introduced to a new lifestyle
Staying focused on maintaining sobriety
As a Business manager you need to have conversations with staff with confidence
You are angry and fear-based thinking is stopping you from taking action
There are situations at home with your spouse and children
Your procrastination is getting in the way
You have “Morbid Reflection!
You ruminate about things and you can’t move on
I will be there for you to provide coaching support. I am offering lightning coaching sessions via the telephone. These are 30 minutes in length and are focused on any particular topic.

You can sign up for three lightning sessions per month and you can call to schedule at the last minute to ensure this service is available when needed. The fee is $250 per month for the three lightning sessions.

One Month Coaching Package

A one month coaching package designed to help you get moving. If you have been working on a specific goal or trying to deal with addictive behavior or want to make a major change (employment, home, family, spouse) and are getting in your own way, we will work together for a month to create a plan and clear anyway the way for goals. The fee is $450 for the month.

Three one hour sessions email support in between sessions as needed. Commitments and Accountability check-ins via email to help you keep focused.

Three Month Coaching Package

A three month program for those who want to be at elevated performance – personally or professionally. We start with a success vision of each individual with specific goals. We then create a success action plan for the next three months. Along the way we develop your emotional intelligence skills and learn to manage the fear based behavior. The fee is $950 for the three months.

You receive a Client Data and General Information packet prior to our first session to help clarify the areas of focus for us to work on.

Our first session is the review of your client data and General Information packet. We review the all the areas for a balanced life to help set your goals. Eight 60-minute coaching sessions over the 3-month period. Unlimited email support. Accountability check-in via email so you are keeping your commitments.